Matching the needs of companies that require specialized (a.k.a. Esoteric) skills with experienced robotics, engineering, and supply chain professionals.
  • Esoteric: having specialized knowledge or interest.
No cost or obligation to the Expert. The hourly rate you specify in your profile is what you’ll get paid. No commissions. No monthly fees. No registration fees.
Experts, your personal information remains confidential until you authorize its release. We understand that your job-search is confidential.
Recruiters are typically retained to work for a number of companies in their vertical. They won’t recruit from other companies they represent. That means that Experts and Clients aren’t presented with potential employers or employees from similar companies in their vertical (that may be ideal candidates) that the recruiter also represents.
Robotics, engineering, and supply chain professionals. Experts.
  • Expert professionals engaged in confidential job search for W2 direct employment.
  • Expert professionals available to work on a 1099 contractor basis.
  • Expert small businesses (5 people or less, usually), working on a contract basis.