How to find a great job when you already have one. Discretely.

Posted on February 15, 2021 by Esoteric Staffing

It is an unfortunate truth that the best time to find a new job is when you already have one. For talented engineering, robotics, and supply chain experts ready to explore their career options, but not wanting a recruiting firm trotting their name about the industry, there is a better way.

For the currently employed, tagging your LinkedIn profile #openforwork is not viable – discretion is required. Submitting your resume through Indeed is a black hole. As a talented expert with valuable skills, you should control the terms of engagement. Esoteric provides a way to discretely explore your career options. You remain in control.

Experts: Discretion is Advised.

Esoteric is completely private. Experts, your current employer, recruiters, or customers cannot browse your personal information or send you unsolicited messages. Esoteric collects detailed information about your capabilities that are used to match you with potential employers. Your Esoteric profile is more than a resume. We collect information about skills, experience, equipment types, verticals, and manufacturer experience to build a comprehensive, anonymous, searchable profile.

Your personal Expert profile may include non-searchable details viewable only by Esoteric such as salary range or other personal constraints as part of the screening process. Your personal information will remain anonymous during the search process. Clients select Experts (employers select employees) based on skills and non-personally identifying biographies. When Experts receive an email from Esoteric with an opportunity, they remain in control. No personally identifying information is shared with Clients until the Expert gives the green light!

Information is Power:

Detailed skills information and profile characteristics is beneficial to both the candidate and employer. If you are a robotics engineer that has experience with A-B and Siemens PLC, FANUC and ABB robots, autoCAD and MS project, and are willing to travel 75% of the time you can list that on Esoteric. Those skills can be searched and filtered by Esoteric clients. It’s hard to do that with a stack of resumes!

Esoteric understand that hiring decisions are based on more than a list of skills. A biography section provides further insight. The interview process still happens. But you start with a more complete picture. Our goal is high-quality matches between employers and employees by starting with a comprehensive list of searchable skills. Experts will avoid interviews that end with, “but I wish you could do X”.

Universal challenges of robotic micro-fulfillment are:

Skills Maximize Value:

Resumes tend to be inconsistent. They provide a chronological history of employment and significant accomplishments. Esoteric brings consistency to an otherwise inconsistent process. There are over 500 skills listed on the Esoteric platform that cover everything from programming languages, equipment manufacturers, industry verticals, engineering tools, and more. A complete list of skills that the Expert is proficient in, together with variables such as travel availability and biography provide a more complete picture of Expert capability. Esoteric is more than a Rolodex of names.

The benefit to the Expert is the increased value they can provide to a Client or Employer. Increased value may lead to increased compensation. The benefit to the Client is matching skills required in their organization with skills provided by the Expert. It could be that a project engineer that may also double as a simulation engineer that is a benefit to the organization. Or perhaps a project engineer is an expert in data analytics. Esoteric lets you filter and find. Resumes leave you wondering.

Employers: Make a Great First Impression. Hustle.

It is an employee’s market for experienced engineering, robotics, and supply chain talent. Employers need to hustle to get the best talent on their teams. Employers, it is up to you to provide a great interview experience and workplace environment. Don’t dilly dally through the interview process. Experts have options. The same employer that has high expectations for high-performing talent should have a high-performance interview process.

Companies don’t like being treated as-if they are in the number 2 position. Experts don’t either. Don’t wait to move a group of candidates through the process together. The right person is worth interviewing and offering a position to right now. By the time a company has waited to explore all their options, the best talent will have found a new opportunity elsewhere.

Employers: Compensation Levels Have Changed.

A prerequisite to the interview process is setting realistic expectations for compensation. Attracting fresh talent may require greater compensation than provided to current veteran employees. Compensation (and competition) for experienced robotics, engineering, and supply chain talent today is greater than it was 5 or 10 years ago, often by 30% or more. The person hired for the same position years ago probably hasn’t received 30% worth of increases over the same period. Fix that.

Be prepared to address compensation before starting the interview process. Statements such as “we’ll provide competitive compensation for the right person” means you haven’t really considered what it will take to attract top talent. Consider how new hires will fit into the compensation structure of your organization. Allowing existing employees to drift below market-level compensation will make them ripe for competitive offers. Start with a plan. Recognize that compensation for experienced engineering, robotics, and supply chain talent has risen greater than the pace of inflation. You may need to pay up.

If you are discreetly looking for a new engineering, robotics, or supply chain job - start with Esoteric.