3 Reasons Why Resumes Are Obsolete and How to Fix It!

Posted on September 15, 2020 by Esoteric Staffing

Resumes are outdated and LinkedIn profiles are full of boastful self-promotion. Job titles and years of service don’t reflect capability or value to the organization. Employers don’t create shareholder value by hiring based on a chronological snapshot of employment history. Understanding the broad range of skills, vertical knowledge, and domain expertise provides a fuller picture of an employee’s ability to contribute than, "Technical Guru at XYZ Corp for 3 years".

Reason 1: What you did 10 years ago isn’t relevant today.

Resumes are static. They reflect what you did at a job 3, 5, or 10 years ago. A resume should reflect the culmination of all your experiences, skills, and industry knowledge to paint a picture of your future contribution potential. Traditionally, resumes do not include information such as, ability to travel or willingness to engage in flexible employment such as temp-to-hire or contract work, perhaps leading to direct employment.

Reason 2: Resumes list job titles, not full list of capabilities.

Why do we leave employers hypothesizing as to a candidate’s full suite of capabilities? It could be that the range of skills provided by a candidate justifies increased compensation because the combination of skills maximizes productivity for the employer. Resumes don’t allow for that. LinkedIn profiles don’t provide that level of visibility.

Reason 3: Rules are meant to be broken.

Resumes are not consistent. Yes, they follow a chronological order. But aside from that, it is difficult to compare candidates objectively. A highly qualified candidate is rejected because their resume wasn’t formatted nicely. Good metric if you’re hiring a graphics designer, but less so for a Simulation Engineer. Another qualified candidate is rejected because their resume was too long or too short. What is the rule for length anyhow? What you really want is to search for skills that you need, see the options displayed immediately, then continue filtering until you find the candidate that is just right!

Esoteric is the solution.

Esoteric was developed to solve this problem. We are focused on the robotics, engineering, and supply chain industry. Our platform includes 500+ skills that are specific to our industry. Skills include such things as: engineering capabilities, engineering tools, supply chain experience, industry vertical experience, information systems experience, robotics systems experience, and manufacturer experience. The focus is on capability and specific experience, not a chronological list of job titles and durations.

Collecting detailed skills information and profile characteristics is beneficial to both the candidate and employer. If you are looking for a robotics engineer that has experience with A-B and Siemens PLC, FANUC and ABB robots, autoCAD and MS project, and is willing to travel 75% of the time; Esoteric lets you find them! Try doing that searching through resumes. If you are that specialist employee or contractor, you’ll maximize your value and avoid interviews that end with, “but I wish you could do X”.

Esoteric understand that hiring decisions are based on more than a list of skills. A biography section provides further insight. The interview process still happens. But you start with a fuller picture. And, let’s be honest, who reads the resume anyhow?